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QUESTION: Mr. Goemin has just been hired to compute the cost of capital

of debt, bonds, preference shares and ordinary shares for LCD Ltd.

-Because LCD's short term and long term debts do not trade very frequently, Mr. G has decided to use 11% as cost of debt, which is the yield to maturity on a portfolio of bonds with a similar credit rating and maturity as LCD's outstanding debt. In addition, LCD faces a corporate tax rate of 30%.
- LCD's bonds are frequently traded. A LCD bond has a $1500 face value and a coupon interest rate of 15% that is paid semi-annually. The bonds are currently selling for $1525 and will mature in 7 years.
-LCD's preference shares pay a 8% dividend on a $150 face value. The market price at which the preference shares could be sold is only $85. LCD's corporation tax rate is 30%.
-LCD's ordinary shares paid a $1.55 dividend last year. Firm's dividends are growing at a rate of 7% per year and this growth rate is expected to continue into the foreseeable future. The price of these shares is currently $30.
-The risk-free rate is 8.5% per annum and the average expected rate of return in the market is 18.5% per annum, also LCD's ordinary shares have a beta of 0.55.

Under the assumption that the firm's present capital structure reflects the appropriate mix of capital sources for the firm, it is determined the market value of the firm's capital structure as follows:

Source of Capital Market Values

Debt $1850000
Bonds $3500000
Preference Shares $3000000
Ordinary Shares $5500000
Retained Earnings $1500000

(1) What is LCD' after-tax cost of debt?
(2) What is the cost of LCD's Bonds?
(3) What is LCD's cost of preference shares?
(4) What is the cost of LCD' ordinary shares?
(5) What is LCD's cost of retained earnings based on the CAPM?
(6) What is LCD's WACC?

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