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Homework answers / question archive / US History 1 Milestone 1 1) What reason did the Quakers, who opposed slavery, give in support of their view?   "Other colonies are beginning to oppose slavery

US History 1 Milestone 1 1) What reason did the Quakers, who opposed slavery, give in support of their view?   "Other colonies are beginning to oppose slavery


US History 1 Milestone 1

1) What reason did the Quakers, who opposed slavery, give in support of their view?


"Other colonies are beginning to oppose slavery. We should as well so that we're not left behind."

"We are the loyal subjects of Charles II. He opposes slavery, and thus do we."

"Christians are not supposed to treat others in ways they themselves would not like to be treated."

"Many of us have had visions of slavery being abolished. It is thus the will of God."




"What were the causes of the Civil War?"


Consider the above research question and choose the secondary source that is best suited to answer it.


First-hand accounts from freed slaves following the Civil War

A Hollywood film about the life of Abraham Lincoln

Maps of the United States that were produced prior to 1860

A 2018 biography of General Robert E. Lee, who led the South's army[CM1] 



Which of the following historians is collecting archaeological evidence?


Lorrainne reviews ships' passenger lists and makes a map of where European immigrants to Haiti came from.

Lamar analyzes the foundations of buildings that made up part of an early Spanish town in northern Haiti.

Lacey watches a documentary about the history of Haiti and its role in the sugar industry.

Lucien speaks with residents of Haiti about how it has changed over the last hundred years.


Which of the following statements reflects the process of commodification?



European nations competed for access to the New World's resources.

Merchants established sea routes to meet demand for luxury items.

The movement of people between Europe and the New World intensified.

Europeans profited by bringing tobacco from the New World back to Europe.


Which native civilization practiced sacrificial rites that involved the removal of a living person's heart?



The Maya

The Pueblo

The Olmec

The Aztec




Choose the statement that best describes slavery before it was racialized.


Slavery was often a temporary condition and the result of debt, warfare or famine.

Before slavery was racialized, it was uncommon for slaves to become part of the family.

Slavery was limited to religious groups who enslaved other religious groups.

Slavery was well-known in Africa throughout history but not in other parts of the world.




Dahlia gives a presentation on the Industrial Revolution and focuses on the role of natural resources in human affairs.


Which of the following is most likely a lens through which she is analyzing the past?







What is one way that Nathaniel Bacon's 1675-76 rebellion contributed to the increasing presence of slavery in the decades that followed?



Bacon's Rebellion pitted the working class against the elites, which made a labor force with no rights or power more attractive.

Bacon's Rebellion demanded a black presence in government, which made the whites in power take away the legal rights of blacks.

Bacon's Rebellion represented a challenge to the Protestant government of Virginia by non-Christian, black settlers, so their rights were taken away.

Bacon's Rebellion demanded that white settlers from Europe not have to work, so the government legalized black slavery.




Many Native Americans were eager to trade with Europeans for advanced weaponry.


What was an economic effect of this trade?


Native Americans began to hunt more beavers so they could trade the pelts for muskets.

Native Americans began harvesting the raw materials used to make muskets and gunpowder.

Native Americans stopped trading with other tribes because now they could use muskets to steal from one another.

Native Americans began selling Europeans traditional native weaponry like bows and arrows in exchange.




In what way did the Crusades start a chain of events that led to European discovery of the New World?


They caused Europeans to give up efforts at conquering Asia and look for new lands to conquer in the west.

They facilitated an intellectual exchange with cultures that already knew about the New World.

They blocked trade routes between Europe and Asia and prevented silks and spices from reaching Europe.

They led to increased movement between Europe and Asia that resulted in new trade networks.




Which of the following statements is true?


Historians include all related information in the stories they tell.

Memorizing facts is only one element of being a historian.

A historian's goal is to discover the one correct way of understanding past events.

After research, the historian presents the facts exactly as they were found.



"Interacting with natives on somewhat equal terms was demonstrated by sitting down with them."


The above statement is most representative of which group of European explorers?









How did France's activity in the Americas differ from that of Spain?


The French suffered from a high population density and saw colonization as a means to spread out.

The French were not concerned with spreading Christianity to native peoples.

The French were motivated more by a desire to map the world than to establish colonies.

The French fostered alliances with native peoples for commercial advantages, rather than military ones.




Which factor initially prevented England from establishing permanent colonies in the Americas?


England didn't want to risk war with Spain, which already controlled much of the Americas.

The government was more concerned with religious and political disputes than with sponsoring colonization of the Americas.

Religious tensions spilled over into the Americas, which led many to wait until they settled down.

English citizens were too afraid to go to the Americas after the settlement at Roanoke disappeared.




Which of the following statements best describes the situation in Central America prior to the arrival of Spanish conquistadores?


Native cultures like the Aztec and Tlaxcalan were content to coexist peacefully.

The Aztec and Inca had been engaged in a centuries-long war for what is now Mexico City.

The Aztec were a nomadic people, thinly spread through what is now Mexico.

Many native peoples resented the Aztec rulers and were ready to rebel.




What role did New World exports play in the Triangular Trade?


Organic goods like tobacco were sent back to the specific colony's mother country.

Tobacco was used to lure Africans to the Americas where they would be enslaved.

African slaves were sent to Europe in exchange for goods like sugar, tobacco and cotton.

Textiles, rum and other manufactured goods were sent to Africa in exchange for slaves.




Which of the following statements best reflects the official attitude toward religious freedom in the northern colonies?


"Puritanism is the official religion of the colony, but individuals may abstain from its rituals and practice other religions privately."

"Other religions may be present in the colony, but Puritanism must be given pride of place in government."

"Any religion is welcome in this colony, but most settlers are Puritan, and thus the democratic government reflects their beliefs."

"Every member of the colony must accept Puritanism and live by its rules, whether or not he is a member of the elect."



Which English colony's establishment was driven largely by religious motivations?









Which of the following was a source of tension between English colonists and Native Americans?


Native Americans constantly mocked the colonists for their weaknesses.

Colonists refused to share their agricultural secrets with Native American tribes.

Native Americans and colonists often competed over the same natural resources.

Virginia colonists found a variety of Native American tribes in the region with whom to form alliances.

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