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Homework answers / question archive / Lucky's acquires Waterview, Inc

Lucky's acquires Waterview, Inc


Lucky's acquires Waterview, Inc., by issuing 40,000 shares of $1 par common stock with a market price of $25 per share on the acquisition date and paying $125,000 cash. The assets and liabilities on Waterview's balance sheet were valued at fair values except equipment that was undervalued by $300,000. There was also an unrecorded patent valued at $40,000, as well as an unrecorded trademark valued at $75,000. In addition, the agreement provided for additional consideration, valued at $60,000, if certain earnings targets were met. 
The pre-acquisition balance sheets for the two companies at acquisition date are presented below. 
Lucky Waterview 
Cash $ 300,000 $ 260,000 
Accounts receivable 250,000 135,000 
Inventory 254,000 275,000 
Property, plant, and equipment 2,300,000 356,500 
3,104,000 1,026,500 
Accounts payable $ 45,000 $ 37,500 
Salaries and taxes payable 450,000 46,000 
Notes payable 500,000 450,000 
Common stock 250,000 60,000 
Additional paid-in capital 950,000 106,500 
Retained earnings 909,000 326,500 3,104,000 1,026,500 

Compute consolidated identifiable intangible assets. 

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