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Homework answers / question archive / WEEK 4: MANUFACTURING PROCESSES 1) Explain the production process

WEEK 4: MANUFACTURING PROCESSES 1) Explain the production process



1) Explain the production process.

2) Describe the different types of process designs.

3) In the past (mid to late 20th century) the common thought was that a product produced well - quality, price, etc. - meant more jobs - this held true but what we saw was that the jobs moved - to lower cost areas.  Today, we see the jobs go away as the products we make last longer.  So - is the solution to make products that don't last as long?


Well - that is one solution - but what might be a better solution is innovation - not in manufacturing but in product design - so, there is a constant need for the next version of product - we see this with the cell phones - our old cell phones work fine for making a call - we just want more - we want the new product - and we are willing to pay for that.


Question: What are your thoughts - how can we drive innovation so that we can continue to drive manufacturing to spur economic growth?




4) Explain the characteristics of service processes

 5) How are these characteristics of service processes different         from manufacturing processes.



6) So - service jobs require the right people - the right skill sets - what would you see as some the criteria for a successful service provider? 



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