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1. a) Why is the distinction between correlation and causation especially important to take into account when considering function localization in neuroscience?

b) What are the implications of the behaviorist-dominated American psychology perspective during the emerging use of EEG in the fledgling field of neuroscience?

c) How did Thompson use his study findings to demonstrate the brain engram involved in the conditioned eyeblink response?

d) What is the role of the nucleus accombens for feeling pleasure, and how does its discovery by Olds and Milner illustrate the role of serendipity in science?

e) How do Gazzaniga's experiments with split-brain patients give ground to the idea that 'we are the stories we tell ourselves'?

Incorrect Question 6 0/1 pts Which of the following is theorized to be the MAIN reason we forget information? State-dependence Absent-mindedness Decay Interference

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