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Homework answers / question archive / Education 316/Human Resource Management 316 Program Planning and Methods in Adult Learning (Rev

Education 316/Human Resource Management 316 Program Planning and Methods in Adult Learning (Rev


Education 316/Human Resource Management 316

Program Planning and Methods in Adult Learning (Rev. C3)

Assignment 1 Needs Assessment



You have been hired to develop a program for a small community organization. The organization’s director wants a program for people in the neighbourhood to learn about how they can lead more environmentally friendly lives. The director envisions a program that provides practical information, hands-on practice, and ongoing support to participants so they can make decisions about reducing their energy use at home, producing their own food, reducing their reliance on personal vehicles, and building a greener neighbourhood.

The organisation has a small budget for this project, most of which is based on the funding they’ve received from the “Green Living Now” grant. The granting agency wants to clearly see how the money has been used to make measurable changes in the community.

It is spring now, and you are told that the program should be offered within two months because attendance will be poor during the summer holiday season.

You notice as you walk around the neighbourhood that many houses appear to have vegetable gardens. You also notice the local farmer’s market is a popular event each week. Many people from the neighbourhood walk or ride their bikes to visit the vendors.

Your  Task

Write a letter (1-2 pages) to the program director either recommending for or against conducting a formal needs assessment. Justify your recommendation. If you are recommending the needs assessment, describe how it would be conducted. If you are not recommending the needs assessment, describe how you would address the director’s questions about your decision.

Please ensure that you cite the source of any materials that you directly quote or paraphrase in your assignment. PLEASE USE APA CITATION STYLES.


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