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Homework answers / question archive / Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses sir richard branson, chairman in virgin group, ltd

Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses sir richard branson, chairman in virgin group, ltd


Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses sir richard branson, chairman in virgin group, ltd. Authentic leaders generally learn from their failures. Richard Branson has focused on preparing himself to have another attempt at any failed activity with the required knowledge that he gained from his previous failure. One of the well-known facts regarding authentic leaders is that they draw encouragement from their own lives. Richard Branson seems to be inspired by his mother who taught him not to look back in regret but rather to move on to the next task. An authentic leader is someone who is not frightened to admit his mistakes and, therefore, makes efforts to overcome his limitations. By facing weaknesses and declining to compromise with them, Richard Branson tends to identify ways to beat the weaknesses, which helps him to become a strong leader. Richard Branson also seems to possess expert and referent power. He has been capable of influencing others’ behaviors owing to the recognized competencies, talents and knowledge. He is capable of influencing others because of his employees' respect, admire and like him as a person. Whenever Richard Branson experiences any kind of setbacks, he chooses to pick himself up and try again. His principles are based on the belief that entrepreneurs will only succeed if they have good people around them and they listen to the superior’s advice. Authentic leaders such as Richard Branson care for themselves as well as the people that they lead, and their compassion is genuine (Harvard Business School, 2012).

Richard Branson practices self-discipline by incorporating balance into his personal and professional lives. While most of the executives focus upon serving their customers as well as stockholders, Richard Branson believes that the correct hierarchical system in any organization is to have ‘employee at the first position’, ‘customer next’ and ‘stockholders at the end’. It is because of the effectiveness of Richard Branson’s leadership style that Virgin Group Limited has been capable of becoming a multibillion-dollar worldwide conglomerate and one of the most recognized brands in the world. It has been identified that most of the US leaders tend to have participative leadership styles. Therefore, it can be stated that although the Laissez-Faire leadership style tends to be useful for Virgin Group, it may not be effective in the US context (Taleghan, Salman, & Taatian, 2010).

It can be recommended that participative leadership style can be followed by Richard Branson. In such a leadership style Richard Branson will be capable of encouraging the team members to play a noteworthy role in the process of decision making. Richard Branson will further be capable of guiding the employees on what and how to perform. The employees will also be able to avail of the benefits of communicating their problems to the leaders and, thus, to obtain suggestions relating to them. It has been apparent that most of the US firms make use of participative leadership styles (Taleghan, Salman, & Taatian, 2010). One of the vital advantages of participative leadership is that it allows for the development of future leaders who will be capable of serving the organization. The reason behind this is that the leaders who prefer this style support involvement from all the members of the team. This leadership style permits leaders to express their creativity and show their ability and talents.

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