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Homework answers / question archive / My main topic for the essay is Terrorism and Social Media

My main topic for the essay is Terrorism and Social Media


My main topic for the essay is Terrorism and Social Media.

Write a five (5) page minimum, DOUBLE SPACED, 12-FONT TIMES ROMAN paper with references and sources cited in APA format.  Your cover sheet, abstract and your source citing/references are NOT included in the five page minimum.

Your grade will depend upon the presentation of your analysis and research, the quality of the work presented - whether you give a detailed presentation or a vague overview, whether you addressed all parts of the question asked, and how you support your argument/discussion - as well as the citing of a variety of sources/use of references and whether you met the mandatory minimum page requirement.  Please make sure to use AT LEAST 5 sources for your research. 

The paper should be written using APA Format.  Please make sure you review your paper for spelling, grammar, and format and plagiarism errors before submitting it. Remember that the paper should be typed in Microsoft Word and submitted as an attachment.  Your paper will not receive a grade until it is submitted properly.  If you need assistance, please let me know.
It is recommended that you use the Keiser Owl Writing Lab to assist you with editing and revising your paper before turning it in.

Please note that APA format requires a cover/title page, an abstract page, and a reference page.  These do not count toward your 5 page minimum.

The paper for this course relates to Internet Jihad and Cyber Jihad:

The use of the Internet by terrorist groups will continue to become more sophisticated.  As a tool used daily in the world of business and pleasure, the Internet is widely used in the murky world of terrorism,  It is used not just for the practice of recruiting, but all forms of terrorist logistics.  Your paper should discuss:


Money laundering


How it helps to radicalize and inspire jihad


The publishing of material etc,

You can be very specific and choose a specific area such as communications; or you can generalize an overall issue.  Look for sources other than your book to help with your paper. The research paper is due at the end of week 3. You are afforded the opportunity to start working on it immediately


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