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Homework answers / question archive /  need help creating the scripts to create a 2 minute video

 need help creating the scripts to create a 2 minute video


 need help creating the scripts to create a 2 minute video.



Focus on the company - I can add my personal info. I need help with the scripts.

Little about me - HR Analyst with more than 8 years of work experience. Maybe I would like to work for Apple or Google in the future.




Here’s what I’d like you to do for Module Five:

Taking into account everything we've covered over the past few weeks about the entire career development process...

  1. I'd like you to pick a company where you'd really want to work. It can be any company you respect and admire; Disney, Facebook, Apple, or even Google. Once you've selected your company, I'd like you to do a bit of research on the firm and their industry. I would suggest doing a very quick SWOT analysis to keep your research on track.
  2. I would then like you to watch the following TedX/DisruptHR talks in the following order. These talks will help get you to start thinking creatively and critically:
    1. Dr. Daniel Crosby - "You're Not that Great" (TEDx)
    2. Denny Marie Post - "Leading from strengths" (DisruptHR)
    3. Jennifer McClure - "Awesomeness is not an accident" (DisruptHR)
    4. Brian Fretwell - "You don’t need purpose, just new glasses" (DisruptHR)
  3. I would like you to then create a two (2) minute "Elevator Speech" video which will be the answer to this specific question: "So tell me about yourself, why we should consider you for our firm?" Here are some important guidelines to remember: 
    • The Video can be up to two minutes long; Two minutes MAX. If your video is longer than two minutes it will not be watched or considered as part of the assignment.
    • If you get stuck, go back to the  course shell and watch the elevator speech video again.
    • Be creative and strategic. I'd like you to impress me. Why? Because I'm the hiring manager for a job at your dream company and you only get one shot at this!
    • Review the Elevator Speech scoring rubric.
  4. You will then upload it to the Video Pitch Dropbox (listed below) for review and course credit.

Elevator Speech rubric (25 points)

Does Not Meet Standards
(0 Points)

Approaches Standards
(3 Points)

Meets or Exceeds Standards
(5 points)


  • Individual did not introduce themselves.
  • Made introduction, but wasn’t clear or went too fast.
  • Made a strong introduction

Background Information

  • Gives very little information on themselves or their background
  • Gives some information on themselves – Info does not link to job target or job target is not stated
  • Gives sufficient info to generate interest; info shows sufficient link to desired job target.


  • Has no unique selling proposition.
  • Has a point of view and shared some unique information; could be stronger
  • Has a clear unique selling proposition that defines and differentiates from other individuals


  • Did not end with an action request.
  • Ended with an action request but wasn’t clear and/or strong enough
  • Ended with a clear and solid action request.

Energy & Enthusiasm

  • Does not show enthusiasm or energy.
  • Seems uninterested or does not project and hard to hear information.
  • Either too slow or too fast
  • Shows some enthusiasm and interests in the person or position.
  • Could show more passion for the desired career.
  • Some material was hard to understand.
  • Shows great enthusiasm and energy.
  • Has passion for prior experience and how it relates to desired job or career or passion for job target is very evident.
  • Material is presented clearly.

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