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Homework answers / question archive /   Question 1)Access is a ____

  Question 1)Access is a ____

Computer Science


Question 1)Access is a ____.





Question 2



A field whose data type is ____ can store text that can be used as a hyperlink address.


Question 3



In a(n) ____ database such as those maintained by Access, a database consists of a collection of tables, each of which contains information on a specific subject.


Question 4



To create a query using the Query Wizard, tap or click ____ on the ribbon and then click the Query Wizard button.


Question 5



Form view displays a single record at a time.


Question 6



A unique identifier also is called a primary key.


Question 7



To view the results of a saved query, press and hold or right-click the query in the Navigation Pane and tap or click ____ on the shortcut menu.


Question 8



To define an additional field in Datasheet view, tap or click the ____ column heading.


Question 9



To open the Navigation Pane, tap or click the ____ Button.


Question 10



In Access, the columns in a table are called records.


Question 11



To change the name of a field, press and hold or right-click the column heading for the field, and then tap or click Rename Field on the shortcut menu.


Question 12



One way to undo changes to a field is to click the Undo button on the status bar.


Question 13



The maximum number of characters allowed in a field whose data type is Short Text is 255 characters.


Question 14



You can place an insertion point by tapping or clicking in the field or by pressing ____.


Question 15



A field whose data type is ____ can store an OLE object, which is an object linked to or embedded in the table.


Question 16



Changing the column width in a datasheet changes the structure of a table.


Question 17



The AutoError Correction feature of Access corrects common data entry errors.


Question 18



To display the entire entry for a calculated field, select the column in the Field row, right-click to display the shortcut menu, and then click ____.


Question 19



When you sort data in a query, the records in the underlying table are actually rearranged.


Question 20



To include calculated fields in queries, enter a name for the calculated field, a(n) ____, and then the expression in one of the columns in the Field row.


Question 21



To find all customers whose current due amount is greater than $1,000.00, enter ____ in the Criteria row of the Current Due column.


Question 22