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Homework answers / question archive / Revenue Cycle Assignment The project requires students to implement their logical data model in MS- Access

Revenue Cycle Assignment The project requires students to implement their logical data model in MS- Access

MS Access

Revenue Cycle Assignment

The project requires students to implement their logical data model in MS- Access.

Please, carefully read the instructions below before you start working on your project.



  1. Create the tables  in Microsoft Access. In each table, define the primary key and foreign keys. For each attribute, define the data type.


  1. Establish relationships between all the tables you created (based on your design). Make sure that you enforce the referential integrity in all your relationships.



  1. Create at least three forms; one of which should be a multiple table form. Describe the function of the form, who would use it and its purpose. For each form, there should be at least one validation rule and a corresponding validation text. I would also like to see some default value entrees and captions in each form.  Use the forms to enter data into your database tables.


  1. Populate your tables with fictitious data entries; you should sufficiently populate your tables so that you can demonstrate your design (i.e. so that something meaningful appears on your reports).  Each event table should have 25 records.  Cash table can have 8 records.  Inventory table should have 100 records.  Employee and Customer tables can have 25 records.


  1. Create queries and explain why these queries are important for managers/decision makers. You should have enough queries to construct an income statement report and a ratio report.  Queries will be multiple-table and perform calculations as necessary. Your queries will be evaluated based on the above requirements.



  1. Create three reports for management/decision makers; describe what benefits these reports provide for decision makers, and how often they will be used. One of your reports should display a summary value, and a chart illustrating the data.  You may include the list that supports the summary value.  One report should be an Income Statement.  The third report should be a ratio report of 5 ratios related to the Revenue Cycle.  The report should include interpretation of the ratio as to business operations.  You may use text boxes to include ratio interpretation on the report.


Note: Instructions 5 &6 are the ones you will be focusing on the most, the rest of the instructions you can take a look at it and see if I had made any mistakes. I’ve already made the tables and some of the queries, but need help to add more queries along with 2 Form reports from both the income statement and ratio.


Another Note: For the ratios I suggested these formulas;

1. COGS / Avg. Inventory = Inventory Turnover

2. Gross Profit / Revenue = Gross Profit

3. Net Income / Net Sales = Profit Margin of Sales

4. Operating Income / Net Sales = Operating Margin Ratio

You can Add more if you like


(You can ignore the bottom so you won’t be overwhelmed, but you can do it if you want to, its extra credit so its optional.)


Describe any additional (for extra credit) work that you did.



  1. Summarize what benefits your company gained from adopting the database approach (for that purpose you can assume that prior to your implementation, your company had a computerized/manual accounting system)




Extra credit will be assessed for any additional features that were not required. The overall grade for the project will be given based on the compliance with the above instruction, and the overall effort given to the design and implementation of the database.

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