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Lab 15


Lab 15.1 Inspect Cables

Review Questions

1)If you can see a copper conductor in a cable, what should you do with the cable?

  1. What type of connector is used with CAT-5e and CAT-6 cables?
  2. Based on your research, which cabling scheme is more common: straight-through or crossover?
  3. On a patch cable, pin 3 on one end connects to pin ____ on the other end of the cable.
  4. On a crossover cable, pin 2 on one end connects to pin ____ on the other end of the cable.

Lab 15.2 Compare Options for a Small Office or Home Office LAN

Review Questions

  1. What is the least expensive way to connect five computers using a wired network to a router that has only four network ports?
  2. Theoretically, which is faster: the current Wi-Fi standard or Gigabit Ethernet (1000BaseT)? What real-world issues might affect actual speeds for each technology?
  3. What is the name for a cable that connects a computer to another computer to create a two-node network?
  4. What determines the speed of devices on a LAN that consists of both 100-Mbps and 1000-Mbps devices?
  5. Could you combine a wireless and wired LAN in the same home? Why would you?

Lab 15.3 Create a Straight-Through Cable

Review Questions

  1. What is the difference in typical usage between T568A and T568B standards?
  2. What is TIA, and what is it responsible for?
  3. Which devices can be connected using a straight-through cable?
  4. What is the color scheme for T568B wiring?
  5. Why is it advisable to rip back the jacket and cut it from the cable even after you have already stripped the jacket?

6 What was the most difficult part of this lab as you created a straight-through cable?

Lab 15.4 Create a Crossover Cable

Review Questions

  1. Which wires get switched by wiring one end T68A and the other end T568B? What type of crossover cable is created using this wiring scheme?
  2. How many pairs of wires get switched when making a Gigabit Ethernet crossover cable? Which wires are switched?
  3. Which devices can be connected using a crossover cable?
  4. Which step was the most difficult when creating a crossover cable?
  5. What is the wiring scheme for the T568A standard?

Lab 15.5 Set Up Advanced IP Scanner and Wake-on-LAN

Review Questions

  1. If you want to turn on a machine remotely, what motherboard feature must be enabled to make this happen?
  2. When using the scan feature of Advanced IP Scanner, what information does it provide about the network?
  3. As an IT technician in the field, how might you use this utility?
  4. The Advanced IP Scanner utility has a print function. How can this be useful?

Lab 15.6 Troubleshoot with TCP/IP Utilities

Review Questions

  1. List four additional types of information that the ipconfig command with the /all parameter provides that the ipconfig command without the parameter does not.
  2. What type of server resolves a domain name to an IP address?
  3. What command discards the IP address?
  4. What command do you use to determine whether you can reach another computer on the local network? Would this command work if the default gateway were down?
  5. When troubleshooting problems with resolving domain names to IP addresses, flushing the DNS cache can sometimes help so that the local computer must build the cache again. What is the command to flush the DNS cache?

Lab 15.7 Sabotage and Repair a Network Connection

Review Questions

  1. What type of network connectivity problem can be solved by using Device Manager?
  2. Which problem (or problems) might require you to reboot the computer after repairing it?
  3. When configuring TCP/IP, what two values are necessary when using static IP addressing?
  4. What TCP/IP utility was the most useful, in your opinion, for troubleshooting the problems in this lab? Why?
  5. Why should you always check for physical problems like unplugged network cables before considering logical problems like missing drivers?


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