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Homework answers / question archive / Preparing two slides for Pepsi on Affiliation

Preparing two slides for Pepsi on Affiliation


Preparing two slides for Pepsi on Affiliation.

Please include references and speaker's notes.

Company: Pepsi

Length: 2 slides


The project involves identifying a company of your choice and reviewing their usage of the internet and social media to attract talent.  Pay special attention to:

  • Company recruitment videos
  • Employee testimonials
  • Social network sites
  • Design of company web sites
  • Recruitment games and other creative recruitment techniques

Prepare a short presentation in Powerpoint (10 slides max.) wherein they explain and characterize the employer brand based on their usage of social media along the following dimensions of their Employee Value Proposition:

  • Affiliation.
  • Work content.
  • Career.
  • Benefits.
  • Compensation..

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