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Homework answers / question archive / Question   Criterion: Explain the identification of types of data

Question   Criterion: Explain the identification of types of data




Criterion: Explain the identification of types of data.<br/>Instruction:

Fill in the table below. For each example, state whether it is grouped or ungrouped and why.
Definitions: Ungrouped data is raw data, presented as collected (a list of numbers or responses). Grouped Data is data that has been organized or broken into categories.

The time (in seconds) it takes 100 children to finish a cognitive skills game. (I have ungrouped listed as answer on this)

The number of single mothers with 1, 2, 3, or 4 children. (I have grouped listed on this one)

The number of teenagers who have experimented with smoking (yes, no). (I have grouped listed on this one)

The age (in years) of freshman students in a local college. (I have ungrouped listed on this one)

Teacher feedback states: 1.6 - Thank you for your response to this problem. To improve your performance here, be sure to apply the definitions of grouped and ungrouped data to each scenario to demonstrate how this data should best be organized for display. Also be sure to include a complete justification as to why you selected grouped or ungrouped. There are 3 or more errors among your responses.

Consider grades for a brick-and-mortar, Intro to Psychology course at a large University with over 1000 students in the section of interest. How would you want to display the final grades for this course? With every grade for every student listed (ungrouped) or perhaps collapse into intervals by letter grade (grouped)? What if you took this same course, and instead wanted to classify students by year in school (assuming that most students are in school for 5-6 years). Would you want to list every year in school (ungrouped)? Or would you want to collapse these into intervals (such as years 1-3 and then 4-6) and make it grouped?

What am I doing wrong?

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