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Homework answers / question archive / SECTION A (40) Read the case study below and answer the questions that follow

SECTION A (40) Read the case study below and answer the questions that follow

Project Management


Read the case study below and answer the questions that follow.

Overcoming construction challenges in Africa

There are ways to overcome the difficulties and challenges of infrastructure development in Africa, according to Evert Lategan, managing director of project management company Integrated Solutions, which specialises in the refurbishment of hotels. One of the latest projects Integrated Solutions completed is the four-star Mammy Yoko Hotel project in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

“It’s great that South African companies are given opportunities to work in Africa. Working in many of the developing countries has its own set of obstacles and challenges, ranging from difficulties with procurement and sourcing the right materials to completing construction on time against tight deadlines," said Lategan.

The Mammy Yoko Hotel, re-branded as the Mammy Yoko Radisson Blu is a 172-key multi-storey establishment, which was abandoned during Sierra Leone's civil war. As potential main contractors had little or no experience in hotel refurbishment, construction management issues were overcome by employing a multitude of various artisans, who ensured that the construction works were implemented.

"With increased supervision and quality control measures in place, excellent standards of quality and workmanship were achieved. Integrated Solutions provided the correct training, supervision and guidance throughout the duration of the project," said Lategan. “Even language barriers were overcome by site staff learning the basics of the local dialect and making use of local translators when necessary." The introduction of incentives improved the pace of work of local employees and the lack of local technical know-how was overcome by introducing expatriate consultants.

Building partnerships

“In order to create as many local jobs as possible, local general workers were employed, also allowing for skills transfer,” said Lategan. Critical to the project's success was forging the right relationships amongst all the major local suppliers. Such partnerships proved crucial in securing the right materials and labour that could meet the stringent project standards. Additional stock required was offset by site management making use of all redundant materials on site and remaking this to create the necessary items.

For the duration of the project, Integrated Solutions adopted regulations in line with South African and British standards to ensure that installation would comply with all safety and minimum requirements.

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QUESTION 1 (40 marks)


1.1 In light of the case study provided, describe the impact of the following factors in determining project quality.


Use examples to illustrate your answer:

i. Policy compliance and auditing. (7 marks)

ii. Standards and regulatory compliance. (8 marks)


1.2 With both knowledge from the case study and through research critically discuss the micro and macro environmental factors that affect project quality in the construction industry. (15 marks)


1.3 "With increased supervision and quality control measures in place, excellent standards of quality and workmanship were achieved”. Comment on this statement. (10 marks)


QUESTION 2 (20 marks)


Quality Management processes have several quality control tools and techniques that are used in order to ensure that the desirable quality is attained. These tend to focus on various responsibilities which include data gathering, data analysis and data representation.


In light of this, provide a descriptive account of the tools and techniques that are used in the plan quality management process for the following;


2.1 Data Gathering. (10 marks)

2.2 Data Representation. (10 marks)


QUESTION 3 (20 marks)

With reference to any project of your choice, provide a critical analysis for each of the following tools and how they can be used in managing quality;


i. Alternatives analysis. (5 marks)

ii. Document analysis. (5 marks)

iii. Process analysis. (5 marks)

iv. Root cause analysis (RCA). (5 marks)


QUESTION 4 (20 marks)


Project Quality Management addresses the management of project deliverables of the project, it applies to all projects regardless of the nature of their deliverables. Modern quality management approaches seek to minimize variation and to deliver results that meet defined stakeholder requirements.


4.1 In light of the statement above, outline the main reasons why there has been a growing emphasis among project managers towards managing quality. (10 marks)


4.2 What are some of the emerging practices in project quality management? (10 marks)


Assignment Guidelines

Word limit: Approximately 6000 words

Your assignment should include a Table of Contents page.

Text: Font: Arial or Times New Roman (12), Spacing: 1.5 lines

All text must be justified at each margin.

The length of your answers to each question should be in line with the mark allocation. Your answers must include any theories, charts, tables or exhibits necessary to support your analysis and recommendations. Additional research should be consulted, when answering the assignment questions.

Ensure that the readings are not merely reproduced in the assignment without original critical comments and views. Cohesive and logical arguments reflecting original thinking is encouraged.

You MUST use theory/literature to support your discussion/observation and opinions. Do not merely extract information from the Case Study.


References - At least 15 academic sources of reference must be used. (These include textbooks, journal articles and internet sources that are relevant to your field of study. Academic sources do not include Wikipedia and blogs). The MANCOSA study guide must not be used as a source of reference. You must include Reference list at the end of your assignment. Information quoted/paraphrased from sources listed in your Reference list must be referenced in-text. The Harvard system of referencing must be used.

It is imperative that students proof read and edit their assignments prior to submitting them.

Assignments must be free from errors and of a professional standard

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