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Homework answers / question archive / The topic is Retention Strategy of Walmart in Mexico

The topic is Retention Strategy of Walmart in Mexico


The topic is Retention Strategy of Walmart in Mexico.

I need help creating two slides about Retention Strategy of Walmart in Mexico:


-2 slides

-include: speaker's notes and resources/references.




  • Compile research on the MNE's HRM relations in the U.S. and one other country, and discuss the IHRM practices of the home office as well as its practices in the other country.  So, for example, if one were to choose Halliburton, they would be responsible for researching the HRM practices here and then in 1 additional country. They would identify how those practices vary across the 2 different countries, and discuss the implications for the HR function.

In all cases, you should choose a developed country, and contrast with a developing country.  Care should be taken to structure the PPT presentation in terms of identifying the IHRM practices in both venues and discussion of how the company might improve those practices and/or integrate them across various boundaries. Presentation will be a sophisticated PPT including the notes pages, and not just the PPT you show to the class. 


This info I found so far.


I was able to find info about Retention Strategy of Walmart in USA.... NOT detailed info from Walmex (in Mexico). I am hopinf, you will find good info about strategy retention from Walmex.


Please note that Walmart in Mexico is called Walmex.


Retention Strategy (Angela)

Walmart’s Employee Retention Strategy

(Main article: Walmart’s HRM: Recruitment, Selection, Employee Retention) Walmart must maximize employee retention to minimize financial loss linked to turnover. Higher turnover leads to higher financial loss, considering HR expenditure for recruitment, selection and training. Employee retention at Walmart is achieved through a combination of approaches. The company’s human resource management uses the following employee retention strategies:

  1. Recognition based on the employee’s performance

  2. Benefits based on the employee’s status or position

  3. Incentives based on the employee’s status or position


Thompson, A. (2016, May 17). Walmart: Human Resource Management. Retrieved February 19, 2017, from


Walmart’s Employee Retention Programs

Employee retention is a critical concern for Walmart because the company suffers from relatively high turnover, especially among hourly sales employees. To address this situation, the company’s human resource management uses the following retention strategies:

  1. Recognition

  2. Bonuses

  3. Training and development

  4. Promotions

  5. Academic credit

Walmart gives non-financial recognition for excellent employees, such as top-performing employees in each store. Bonuses are based on business performance, although this strategy is usually used for managerial positions. Walmart’s human resource management includes promotions and training & development to support the company’s HR needs and increase employee morale. The company promotes hourly sales employees to supervisory, then to managerial positions. The firm’s agreement with American Public University to give academic credit for work experience at Walmart is a long-term retention strategy for employees pursuing a career to climb the company’s corporate ladder.


Thompson, A. (2017, January 28). Walmart's HRM: Recruitment, Selection, Employee Retention. Retrieved February 19, 2017, from


Our Company recognizes the talent and leadership of our management team and our associates; the commitment to our 226,289 associates remains unwavering: providing them with a challenging work environment day after day, equal opportunities, gender equality, and the chance to grow as professionals. In this manner we can retain and develop talent within the Company and have a solid, high-performing organization that supports our operations in the long term.

People, talent and leadership

We nevertheless face the challenges stemming from growth, the incorporation of new generations into the labor force, and from belonging to a market that is constantly evolving. These challenges are attracting and retaining quality talent, developing competencies, and transforming our Company into a modern organization but without losing our essence and work ethic.

In order to rise to the challenges, we have worked on:

• Reinforcing the HR structure and management with a sounder and more strategic organization, in keeping with the needs of the business and with robust systems and policies;

• Attracting and developing the best talent, fostering their capacities in the organization through people-based leadership, with a pronounced focus on integrity and business results ; and

• Reinforcing Walmart culture, driving commitment, and enhancing the work experience in the Company.


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