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Homework answers / question archive / Beowulf’s Mead Hall Pagans’ bank of questions 1) Beowulf was most likely written between   2

Beowulf’s Mead Hall Pagans’ bank of questions 1) Beowulf was most likely written between   2


Beowulf’s Mead Hall Pagans’ bank of questions

1) Beowulf was most likely written between


2. In The Rape of the Lock, who says, “Boast no my fall . . . insulting foe!”

3. Marie de France’s lays were written in what dialect?

4. The basic structure of romance is what? 

5. Who wrote The Faerie Queene?


6. Who invented what has become known as the Shakespearean sonnet?


7. Queen Elizabeth I ruled from 1528 to 1571.


8. King Richard II was the reigning monarch when Chaucer wrote The Canterbury Tales.


9. Did Jonathan Swift support the Whigs or the Tories during the rule of Queen Anne?


10. From which poem comes this line: “A Gentle Knight was pricking on the plaine/Ycladd in mightie armes and silver shielde”?


11. Who wrote “The Vanity of Human Wishes”?

12. Fill in the blank: “All Nature is but____, unknown to thee”.

13. Who wrote Oroonoko?


14. The entire structure of An Essay on Man, as noted in the Norton introduction, is based on

15. An Essay on Man was published in


16. In Le Morte D’Arthur, who kills King Arthur?

17. Who wrote Le Morte D’Arthur?

18. In “The Miller’s Tale” is written in the genre known as __

19. In Gulliver’s Travels, Article I. of Impeachment against Gulliver is mainly based on what charge?


20. Gulliver’s Travels, the second edition, was published in



21. Who was the first Englishwoman to publish a substantial volume of poems?


22. John Donne was imprisoned for what offense?



23. In Twelfth Night, who says the following line: “Make me a willow cabin at your gate/An call upon my soul within the house”?


24. Twelfth Night is one of Shakespeare’s


25. This line comes from what text: “Say first, of God above, or man below,/What can we reason, but from what we know?”


Knights of the Round Table’s bank of questions


  1. This line comes from what poem: “Let Observation, with extensive view,/Survey mankind, from China to Peru”?
  2. This line comes from which text: “Good and evil we know in the field of this world grow up together almost inseparably”?

3. Milton’s Paradise Lost is written in heroic couplets.

4. Who says the following in Paradise Lost: “The mind is its own place, and in itself/Can make a Heav’n of Hell, a Hell of Heav’n”?


5. This line comes from which poem: “Cruel and sudden, hast thou since/Purpled thy blood in innocence”?

6. Who wrote “To His Coy Mistress”?


7. Which of the following happened first?


8. In Twelfth Night, who says the following line: “Lady, you have. Pray you peruse that letter. You must not deny it is your hand”?

9. Shakespeare’s sonnets 1-17 are written about a “Dark Lady.”

10. Archimago is a character from which text?


11. The English Civil War took place during what decade of the 17th century?


12. What is the name of the character who explains Utopia to Thomas More?

13. Sir Thomas Wyatt introduced what literary form to England?

14. In The Canterbury Tales, what is the tale that proceeds “The Miller’s Tale”?

15. The heroine of The Rape of the Lock is __

16. Who wrote Salve Deus Judaeorum ?


17. Samuel Johnson’s dictionary was published in


18. Heroic couplets are written in blank verse.


19. The use of the term “whale-road” for ocean is an example of the literary technique called a kenning.


20. Count Orsino is in love with whom at the beginning of Twelfth Night?

21. The Rape of the Lock is a literary genre known as what?


22. In adapting the sonnet to English, Wyatt and Surrey translated whose sonnets from Italian?


23. Sonnets generally consist of sixteen lines.


24. Who wrote “A Dialogue Between Body and Soul”?


25. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight was written in an East Saxon dialect of Old English.


Satan’s Council of Demons’ bank of questions


  1. Una is a character from which text?

2. Utopia was written before England’s Protestant Reformation.


3. Shakespeare’s plays are mostly written in

4. Who succeeded Queen Elizabeth I as monarch of England?


5. Queen Mary I was Queen Elizabeth I’s


6. The Cavalier poets sided with the king during the political turmoil of the 17th century.


7. “To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time” was written by__

8. In Oroonoko, Oroonoko is imprisoned for life at the end of the story.

9. What was the Act of Union of 1707?

10. What is the name of the card game played in The Rape of the Lock?

11. In what essay does Swift criticize England’s treatment of the Irish?

12. Who wrote Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum?


13. Samuel Johnson’s dictionary was the first dictionary published in England.


14. Samuel Johnson’s prose fable is titled__


15. The leader of the Puritans during the English Civil War was__


16. In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight who is behind the Green Knight’s challenge to Arthur’s court?_

17. Name another Old English text from the syllabus besides Beowulf


18. Old English literature is mostly written in



19. In The Faerie Queene, Redcrosse Knight is the knight of


20. This line comes from which text: “Nature never set forth the earth in so rich tapestry . . Her world is brazen, the poets only a deliver a golden”?


21. The first Norman king of England was__

22. In Paradise Lost, who springs from Satan’s head?

23. Alexander Pope was admired by but also criticized by what French writer and philosopher?

24. Neo-classicism is a term that refers to the artistic values of what ancient civilizations?

25. In Book 2 of Paradise Lost, which demon is first to speak after Satan opens the debate?


Gulliver’s Travelers’ bank of questions


1. The poem Beowulf is set in Celtic Britain.




  1. The civil wars in England during the 15th century is known as __


3. What war was going on during the reign of Queen Anne?



4. Who wrote this line? “Let not the marriage of true minds admit impediments”?

5. Who wrote “The Description of Cookham”?


6. Aphra Behn worked as a spy for Queen Anne.


7. Who is Olivia’s jester/clown in Twelfth Night?


8. The Norman Conquest of England began at what battle?


9. What happened in 1381?



10. What new prose literary genre developed in the late and early eighteenth centuries?

11. The form of humorous ridicule used by Jonathan Swift is known as __

12. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight was written around what year?


14. Name a work by Marie de France from the syllabus.

15. Bertilak is a character from__

16. John Milton was executed by Charles II.


17. This line comes from which text: “Let Observation, with extensive view,/Survey mankind, from China to Peru”?

18. Who became the leading literary critic and intellectual during the reign of King Charles II?

19. Who was king during the onset of the English Reformation?


20. John Donne is known as a


21. The English Reformation happened in


22. Iambic pentameter has how many syllables in a line?

23. An iamb, as in iambic pentameter, is an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable.


24. Who wrote The Defense of Poesy?

25. From our syllabus, who gave The “Golden Speech”?


Pope’s Spotless Minds’ bank of questions

  1. What does Pope say happens to the lock at the end of The Rape of the Lock?
  2. The Restoration occurred in what year?

3. The Glorious Revolution of 1688 was about the deposition of King James II.


4.“The Wife of Bath’s Tale” is told in what literary genre?

5. To whose shrine were the pilgrims going in The Canterbury Tales?



6. Queen Mary I tried to reinstitute Catholicism into England.


7. How did the Wife of Bath become deaf in one ear?

8. Who is the prime minister that Swift ridicules in Gulliver’s Travels?


9. Who is king when Swift publishes the first edition of Gulliver’s Travels?


10. This line comes from which text: “I do not pretend, in giving you the history of this royals slave, to entertain my reader with the adventures of a feigned hero”?


11. Clemene is character from what text?

12. Clarissa is character from what text?

13. Absolon is a character from what text?

14. In Paradise Lost, Satan unknowingly enacting God’s plan by trying to ruin is an example of what literary technique?


15. Paradise Lost was published in



16. Shakespeare began writing his known plays in the early 1590s.


17. Who does Dryden say is the father of English poetry?


18. In Samuel Johnson’s dictionary an anthology means what?

19. Who is Samuel Johnson quoting when he writes “God said, Let Newton be, and all was light”?

20. This line comes from which text: “It was Christmas at Camelot—King Arthur’s Court”?

21. This line comes from which text: “It was hard then on the young hero,/having to watch the one he held so dear/there on the ground, going through his death agony”?

22. Marie de France’s poems are a specific kind of romance known as what?

23. From the late 11th to the 14th century, much of the English court spoke what language?

24. Queen Elizabeth I supposedly appeared in battle armor during what event in 1588?

25. This line comes from what text: “Know then thyself, presume not God to scan; The proper study of mankind is Man”?








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