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Homework answers / question archive / A gene found on the C chromosome is a? explain a

A gene found on the C chromosome is a? explain a


A gene found on the C chromosome is a? explain a. Female gene  b. Locus 




c. Sex linked gene 

d. Dominant  gene.


In the genotype of AaBb 

a. a and b are alleles of each other 

b. a is a recessive allele 

c. A and a are dominant genes 

d. A and b are at the same locus.


Chromosomes are? -explain

a. Found only in the cytoplasm 

b. Composed of DNA and carbohydrate 

c. Composed of DNA and protein 

d. Composed of DNA and lipid


As the human population has increased.. -explain

a. Humans have caused the extinction of some organisms

b. Humans have change the kinds of plants and animals present

c. Humans have over fish the seas

d. All the choices are correct


which of the three domains is the most recent to evolve?-explain

a. Archaea 

b. Eucarya 

c. Bacteria 

d. Either bacteria or archaea 


which one of the following is an example of an unconformity? 

a. Horizontal layers of rock with igneous rock on the bottom and sedimentary rocks on the top

b. Sandstone on top of lime stone.

c. Parallel  layers of rock that are at a 30° angle

d. Horizontal layers of rock on top of rocks that are at a 30° angle


Some green algae probably evolved into? -explain

a. Protozoa 

b. Mosses 

c. Bacteria 

d. Fungi

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