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Troy Engines, Ltd


Troy Engines, Ltd., manufactures a variety of engines for use in heavy equipment. The company has always produced all of the necessary parts for its engines, including all of the carburetors. An outside supplier has offered to sell one type of carburetor to Troy Engines, Ltd., for a cost of $46 per unit. To evaluate this offer, Troy Engines, Ltd., has gathered the following information relating to its own cost of producing the carburetor internally:

  Per Unit 15,800 Units
Per Year
Direct materials $ 13     $ 205,400
Direct labor   15       237,000
Variable manufacturing overhead   2       31,600
Fixed manufacturing overhead, traceable   9*       142,200
Fixed manufacturing overhead, allocated   17       268,600
Total cost $ 56     $ 884,800

*40% supervisory salaries; 60% depreciation of special equipment (no resale value).


Required: (15,800 Units)

1) Assuming that the company has no alternative use for the facilities that are now being used to produce the carburetors, compute the total cost of making and buying the parts.

2) Suppose that if the carburetors were purchased, Troy Engines, Ltd., could use the freed capacity to launch a new product. The segment margin of the new product would be $207,920 per year. Compute the total cost of making and buying the parts.


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