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ASCI 516 4


ASCI 516 4.4 - Modern Day Situational Awareness (SA)- Discussion Assignment

ASSIGNMENT:  Watch the short video (see link below) of a runway incursion on a dark, foggy night at Providence, RI that nearly resulted in a mishap.  Provide an in-depth analysis of the incident with a concentration on data-link systems such as ADS-B and military JTIDS. Consider the positive impact these systems have on situational awareness for both pilots and controllers and how such systems could have been used to enhance everyone's SA, potentially preventing this incident. Also, assess any limitations or disadvantages of these systems and/or other similar systems..

United pilots confused on runway (2:33 - YouTube)

In addition to your analysis post, provide at least one substantive reply (more than "I agree" or "Great post") to the content and instructions. Feel free to engage with fellow students as well.

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