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Homework answers / question archive / Carrie Skilling is a financial consultant to Ron En Trust Inc

Carrie Skilling is a financial consultant to Ron En Trust Inc


Carrie Skilling is a financial consultant to Ron En Trust Inc., a real estate syndicate. Ron En Trust Inc. finances and develops commercial real estate (office buildings). The completed projects are then sold as limited partnership interests to individual investors. The syndicate makes a profit on the sale of these partnership
 interests. Carrie provides financial information for the offering prospectus, which is a document that provides the financial and legal details of the limited partnership offerings. In one of the projects, the bank has financed the construction of a commercial office building at a rate of 10% for the firs four year, after which time the rate jumps to 15% for the remaining 20 years of the mortgage. The interest costs are one of the major ongoing costs of a real estate project. Carrie has reported prominently in the prospectus that the break-even occupancy for the first four years is 65%. This is the amount of office space that must be leased to cover the interest and general upkeep costs over the first four years. The 65% break-even is very low and thus communicates a low risk to potential investors. Carrie uses the 65% break-even rate as a major marketing tool in selling the limited partnership interest. Buried in the fine print of the prospectus is additional information that would allow an astute investor to determine that the break-even occupancy will jump to 95% after the fourth year because of the contracted increase in the mortgage interest rate. Carrie believes prospective investors are adequately informed as to the risk of the investment.
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