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1.    Which of the following components are required for the activation of long chain fatty acids? 


A.  2 ATP, CoA and fatty acyl-CoA

B.  Carnitine acyl transferase I and II

C.  2 ATP and CoA?

D.  Fatty acyl carnitine



2.    What are the two final products of the degradation of odd chain fatty acids?

A.  acetyl-CoA and oxaloacetate

B.  acetyl CoA and propionyl CoA 

C.  succinyl CoA and propionyl CoA

D.  acetoacetyl CoA and propionyl CoA


3.    True or False: The density of plasma lipoproteins increased when the percentage of apolipoprotein increases and of cholesterol (free and esterified) is the lowest.

A.   True

B.   False


4.    ________ is the enzyme regulating glycogen degradation.

A.   Phosphoglucomutase

B.   a-1,6-glucosidase

C.  Glycogen phosphorylase

D.  Branching enzyme

E.   Debranching enzyme


5.   In liver, PP1 activity is regulated by ____

A.   Interacting with GL

B.   Covalent modification

C.   Interacting with glycogen phosphorylase

D.  Binding of glucose-6phosphate 

E.    More than one answers are true

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