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Homework answers / question archive / Family Health Assessment Amanda Stewart Grand Canyon University August 4, 2016                       Mr

Family Health Assessment Amanda Stewart Grand Canyon University August 4, 2016                       Mr

Health Science

Family Health Assessment

Amanda Stewart

Grand Canyon University

August 4, 2016












Mr. Charles family is made up of six members, him, his wife and four children. The children are composed of three boys and one girl. Carrying family health assessment is critical for Mr. Charles family to enable determine the health concerns of the family. The evaluation would be necessary as it can be used for later reference in case of a health issue arising. The tool helps compare the health performance of the family members and their strengths and how they can help each other to recover. Each member of the household should be assessed to help establish the health care system for Mr. Charles family.

Family-focused questions

Values, health perception

Are there any cultural values that hinder the family from seeking medical attention?

Do any beliefs such as curses cause any health related issues in the family?

Does the family identify with any religious, cultural, ethnic or any other organizations?


How can you describe the current health state of the family?

What are the contributions of the family members to promoting health?

What does the family consume in a typical day that is the family meal and fluid intake?


Do any members of the family have any difficulties falling asleep?

What are the average hours that every member of the household takes a rest?

Does each member feel rested in the morning or is there morning tiredness?


How many members of the family have any problems associated with diarrhea or constipation?

How does a healthy bladder and bowel pattern feel to each family member?

Do any of these patterns change, if so how?

Exercise/ activity

What are the activities that the family does physically to check their health?

How many hours in a week are these physical activities done?

How do one compensate if they are too busy not to have any exercises?


Does the family have any regular clinical visits for checkups?

How does the family acquire diagnosis health information?

How are health decisions in the family arrived at?


Is there any history of mental health cases on both sides of the family?

Does any member of the household experience any problems in taste, hearing, sight or touch, if so who?

Do problems of interpretation ever occur to the children while in school, explain?


How does the family feel that they contribute to the community?

Are there any special descriptions of change according to the family?

Do the family members support one of them in whatever they pass through?

Role Relationship

Who is the breadwinner in the household?

How are the households tasks divided among the family members?

Are there any special functions for individual members such as holding financial responsibility?


Do the parents discuss openly with the children about sex issues?

How does the married couple view their relationship as lovers, parenthood, and marriage?

Is there any problem between the couples because of the sex of the children?


How are the available resources exploited to ensure the wellbeing of the family?

How is any stressful situation handled in the family?

How does the family cope in case of lack of a certain resource?

Analysis of the family-focused questions

Values, health perceptions

The family puts each individual’s health before any cultural values so that no values can hinder seeking medical attention.

“My family is religious, and we do not believe in any curses that can cause illnesses.”

The family identifies with religious values of seeking medical attention and believing God will heal.


There are rare serious illnesses in the family witnessed of late thus the family is doing well health wise in the present.

Each member contributes by eating healthy and avoiding illness causing situations.

“We make sure the typical mean for a day has all the requirements of a balanced diet.”


“My daughter has reported a problem of lacking sleep.”

The average rest hours in the house are approximately eight.

“Due to lack of sleep, my daughters reports experiencing morning tiredness.”


The youngest son experiences diarrhea from time to time.

A healthy bowel pattern is characterized with fast digestion and no bloating experienced.

The bowel patterns change only when someone has stomach problems, such as the stomach bug.


The physical activities they preform are jogging and gym activities.

“About fourteen hours a week.”

Long walks while carrying out other activities, such as walking to work instead of driving.


There is a family doctor who pays the family a visit once in every three months for checkups.

Diagnosis health information is acquired from the family doctor.

A decision is arrived at after a health case arises in the family.


There is no known mental health case.

No hearing, sight or touch problems by any of the family members.

No child has reported any interpretation problems.


The family is part of a health movement in the community.

Change occurs only when there are major interruptions such as death from a loved member of extended family.

We are a family, and stand united in all situations thus support each other always.

Role relationship

My wife and I are the breadwinners.

Duties are divided according to age and health status of a member of the family.

Financial responsibility goes to my wife and me.


Yes, we discuss sex matters with the children.

According to us, marriage and parenthood move hand in hand, and we do better being both.

No problems because of the sex of the child.


Limiting the resources, we have for satisfaction and now wasting.

Supporting each other through each stressful circumstance is how we overcome stress.

We learn to appreciate what we have and function with it.

Wellness nursing diagnoses

Risk nursing diagnosis

The type of diagnosis predicts a problem which may happen in future unless there is a nurse who intervenes. In Mr. Charles family, there are risk factors which two of his children face. The youngest son experiences diarrhea from time to time, and he should be taken to the clinic during the date of diarrhea. It may lead to a lot of water loss which can lead to more health problems if the situation causing the diarrhea is not stopped. Lack of sleep as experienced by the daughter in the family may become a serious issue in the future. It may be caused by situations such as stress and counseling may help the girl fall to sleep much easier.

Wellness diagnosis

The type of diagnosis describes the family level to cope with each other and the entire community. In this case, Mr. Charles family participates in the health movement in the community where they do different duties such as cleaning the environment and removing litter which can cause danger to human health. They as well participate in teaching the community on a proper diet and how to utilize the resources they have to maintain their health and abstaining from situations that can cause health problems. Supporting each other and having religious beliefs indicates that Mr. Charles family is ready for enhanced spiritual well-being. In conclusions, Mr. Charles family can be described a healthy family that takes their health issues seriously as they recognize being healthy is the key to happiness and success.     







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