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Homework answers / question archive / Primary Source Quiz 1   Question 1         Why does Mr

Primary Source Quiz 1   Question 1         Why does Mr


Primary Source Quiz 1


  • Question 1



Why does Mr. R.G. Holmes want school to be "compulsory"?




  • Question 2



How longer were Chinese immigrants barred from entering the United States by the Chinese Exclusion Act?




  • Question 3



Republicans thought that the African-Americans emancipation elevated them to have social and political equality.




  • Question 4



When was the Chinese Exclusion Act passed?




  • Question 5



What was being debated at the 1868 South Carolina State Constitution?




  • Question 6



The Mississippi Black Code forbid interracial marriage.




  • Question 7



According to the Democrats, why had the "scalawags" sided with the "negroes"?

  • Question 8



How much money was being made annually by the sale of cotton?

  • Question 9



Why was Chief Joseph trying to go to Canada?

  • Question 10



What natural disaster did Ida Lindgren mention in her diary entries?



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