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Scoresby Inc


Scoresby Inc. tracks the number of units purchased and sold throughout each year but applies its inventory costing method at the end of the year, as if it uses a periodic inventory system. Assume its accounting records provided the following information at the end of the annual accounting period, December 31.

Transactions Units Unit Cost
  a. Inventory, Beginning   4,000   $ 16  
  For the year:            
  b. Purchase, March 5   10,000     17  
  c. Purchase, September 19   6,000     19  
  d. Sale, April 15 (sold for $61 per unit)   4,200        
  e. Sale, October 31 (sold for $64 per unit)   9,000        
  f. Operating expenses (excluding income tax expense), $602,000            

Calculate the number and cost of goods available for sale.

Calculate the number of units in ending inventory.

Compute the cost of ending inventory and cost of goods sold under (a) FIFO, (b) LIFO, and (c) weighted average cost.

Prepare an income statement that shows the FIFO method, LIFO method and weighted average method.

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