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Homework answers / question archive / Weekly 3 Reflection Make a post in the discussion forum below with your weekly reflection text

Weekly 3 Reflection Make a post in the discussion forum below with your weekly reflection text

Health Science

Weekly 3 Reflection

  1. Make a post in the discussion forum below with your weekly reflection text. In your reflection, answer the below questions and also expand on your thoughts. 
  2. Include links to your completed e-Portfolio page(s) in your post.



Reflection Questions: 



    • What was the most compelling for you in this week's material? 
    • What competing priorities exist in your target community, and where do you think the health issue in your RFP weighs against the other priorities?Do competing priorities present a challenge for your success? How or how not? 
    • How did it go constructing your Logic Model? What data sources did you use? What gaps do you still have?  
    • What did you learn from your case study? 
    • What questions do you have coming out of this week? 

Note: Please review and respond to your classmates' work! The idea is to get the chance to improve based on feedback. 


e-Portfolio Assignment 1: Defining The Problem

This week's e-Portfolio assignment is to construct and represent a complete, succinct, and easy to understand logic model of the health issue in your target community.  


  1. Find the "Defining The Problem" page in your e-Portfolio template (sub-page under "About The Issue")
  2. Edit the page to include the following: 
    1. A Logic Model of the Problem that identifies your key health outcomes of interest, key environmental and behavioral determinants, and downstream personal determinants. You can use google drawings or some other drawing program to create it. You are welcome to use the Issel model, Bartholomew model, or any other logical model that explains the issues that cause the health problem.
    2. Add annotation beneath your image to explain its contents 
    3. Use and cite real data sources to support the contents of your logic model and annotation. 
  3. You can use any other media to bolster your summary, including images, videos, links to news or journal articles, charts and graphs, social media snapshots, maps. Personally acquired information that bolsters the community voice (like snapping pictures in your community yourself!)would be extra valuable! 


e-Portfolio Assignment 2: Case Study 2


  1. Locate an article or report that demonstrates what disparities impact your community in the health issue of the RFP you are responding to. 
  2. In your "Case Studies" page, make a post about that example which includes a link to the source. Summarize what the disparities are, key determinants of the health problem, and any other key issues or implications that you find. Draw a direct connection to your target community for the reader. 
  3. Make sure sources are cited correctly per APA.

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