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Homework answers / question archive / Explain five differences between first draft and executive summary

Explain five differences between first draft and executive summary


Explain five differences between first draft and executive summary.

University Printers has two service departments (Maintenance and Personnel) and two operating departments (Printing and Developing). Management has decided to allocate maintenance costs on the basis of machine-hours in each department and personnel costs on the basis of labor-hours worked by the employees in each. The following data appear in the company records for the current period: Machine-hours Labor-hours Department direct costs Maintenance Personnel 1,300 900 $3,600 $13,600 Printing Developing 1,300 3,900 900 3, 100 $15,200 $11,600 Maintenance Personnel Printing Developing Service department costs Maintenance Personnel Total costs allocated $ 0 $ 0 $ 0 $ 0

The following details were extracted from the books of Konongo Industries Limited a manufacturer of soap for the year ended 31st March, 1999


Opening Stocks: Raw materials                                                          785,000

                            Work-In-Progress (WIP)                                        216,000

                              Finished Goods                                                     432,750

Purchases                                                                                            1,871,215

Sales                                                                                                    4,343,680

Return Outwards                                                                                52,100

Return Inwards                                                                                   18,350

Carriage Inwards                                                                                74,180

Discount Allowed                                                                               15,015

Discount Received                                                                              46,780

Plant and Machinery at cost                                                               1,850,000

Freehold Building at cost                                                                    1,610,000

Furniture and Fittings at cost                                                              318,000

Indirect Wages                                                                                    127,125

Lighting and Heating                                                                          74,300

Insurance                                                                                             16,720

Rates                                                                                                   18,000

Salaries-selling and administration                                                     342,180

Motor Vehicle at cost                                                                         1,000,000

Direct wages                                                                                       692,750

Additional Information:

  1. Depreciation was charged on cost at the following rates:

Plant and machinery                10% per annum

Furniture and Fittings             12.5% per annum

Freehold Building                   10% per annum

Motor Vehicles                       20% per annum

  1. The proportion of use of the fixed assets as at 31st March, 1999 by the factory and office was as follows:

Factory                                                Office

Plant and machinery                            90%                                                     10%

Furniture and Fittings                         25%                                                     75%

Freehold Building                               80%                                                     20%

Motor Vehicles                                   ***                                                      100%

  1. The insurance expense was in respect of the plant and machinery.
  2. Light and heating and rates were in respect of the freehold building.
  3. Closing stocks of raw material GH¢539,400; closing WIP GH¢363,910 and closing finished goods GH¢244,840

Required: prepare manufacturing, trading and profit and loss account for the year ended 31st March,1999

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