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1. Which of the following actions is the first step in the recruiting process for a new position within a company?

Write a job announcement

Network with sources of job applicants

Determine the compensation level for the job

Conduct a job analysis

Complete the following table by identifying whether each example belongs in a job description or a job specification

2. Example                                                                            Job Descriptor or Specification?

Qualifications Bachelor's degree

Must have five years of restaurant experience

Must have experience cooking in fast-paced environment

Communication skills in both Spanish and English

3. Tasks

Controls access to building

Assists in emergency situations

Maintains daily logs and shift reports

Provides directions to visitors

You are a manager at Lulloz, a production company for children's music. Recently, your boss asked you to hire a new music production director. You are now ready to begin recruiting. You know that if you use recruiting, you will be likely to bring new skills into the company, so you decide to use that approach

4. Which of the following actions could you take to implement your decision?

Contact an employment agency

Design a career path

Create a job posting

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