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Homework answers / question archive / Final Term Project You will choose a topic of your choice and run the listed requirements below

Final Term Project You will choose a topic of your choice and run the listed requirements below


Final Term Project

You will choose a topic of your choice and run the listed requirements below. You will need to justify each step to why you took the approach and why it is necessary for your research.


The parts are:

1-         Executive summary: the proposal should begin with an overview of the entire project, a summary of the major points from each of the other sections. 5 points

2-         Background: the background to the problem, including the environmental context, should be described (Chapter 2)  10 points

3-         Problem definition/research objectives: a statement of the problem should be presented. The objectives of the marketing research project should be clearly specified (Chapter 2) 10 points

4-         Approach to the problem.: a review of the relevant academic and trade literature, along with an analytical model should be included. (chapter 2) Research questions and hypotheses will be included. (Chapter 2&11) 15 points

5-         Research design : the type of research design, whether exploratory, descriptive, causal, or a combination, should be specified (Chapter 3). Information should be provided on the following components: 40 points

a.         The kind of information to be obtained and how (Chapters 4-5-6)

b.         The method of administering the questionnaire (Chapter 5) (i.e. mail, telephone, personal, or electronic interviews chapters ),

c.         Scaling techniques (Chapter 7)

d.         The nature of the questionnaire (i.e. type of questions asked, length, average interviewing time) – You need to provide a questionnaire here. (Chapter 8)

e.         The sampling plan and sampling size (Chapter 9)

6-         Fieldwork/data collection: the proposal should discuss how the date will be collected and who will collect it. If the fieldwork is to be subcontracted to another supplier, this should be stated. Control mechanisms to ensure the quality of data collected should be described. (Chapter 10) 5 points

7-         Data analysis: the kind of data analysis that will be conducted and how the results will be interpreted, should be described (Chapter 11-12) 10 points

8-         Reporting: the proposal should specify the nature and number of intermediate reports. The form of the final report, including whether a formal presentation of the results will be made, also should be stated. Industry professionals refer to this part of the report as the “deliverables”. The proposal writer must specify what information (specifically, which documents) will be given to the client. Sometimes, the client will want a formal report that is more comprehensive and narrative than a PowerPoint presentation and discussion that might cover many projects. At the least, an executive summary of one to two single-spaced pages should be provided to explain what insights have been gained by the research and what these results mean for the client firm’s managers (Chapter 13)

9-         Appendices: any statistical or other information that is of interest to only a few people should be presented in appendices. 5 points

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