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Homework answers / question archive / 1) Unlike most relationships, friendships: 2

1) Unlike most relationships, friendships: 2


1) Unlike most relationships, friendships:

2. The clearest indication that a friendship is in the waning stage is:

3. One of the two dimensions of trust is:

4. For individuals socialized in feminine speech communities, closeness in interpersonal relationships is primarily achieved through:

5. Friendships generally begin with:

6. All of the following are external pressures to friendships except:

7. "Friends of the heart" are friends:

8. What is one difference between virtual and face-to-face friendships?

9. Which primary expectation of friendship seems to be universal?

10. Ngoc and Nikole have been friends for many years and share a high level of trust. Their friendship is best described as being in the              stage.



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