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The Tating Company has 1


The Tating Company has 1.500 bonds outstanding that are selling for $1,160 each and has a floatation cost of 2%, the bond pays 7% coupon paid semiannually for 20 years. The company also has 5,000 shares of preferred stock at a market price of $32 each and floatation cost of 3 dollars with par value of 90 dollars and pay dividends of 10%. The common stock is priced at $26 a share undervalued by 2 dollars and there are 36,000 shares outstanding last dividends was 3 dollars and growth rate is 5% Tax rate is 30% Time left 0:39:55 What is the after tax cost of debt What is the cost of preferred stock What is the cost of common stock What is the weight of DEBT .P.S.C.S What is the firm's weighted average cost of capital

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