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Answer the following questions by Wednesday


Answer the following questions by Wednesday. Each question should be a separate post. Include the original question with your response.

1. Can an employer terminate older employees as a reduction in the employer's workforce without violating the ADEA? If so, how can an employer avoid violating the ADEA in a layoff situation?

2. Is an individual who is perceived as having a disability, but in fact has recovered from the disability or is not disabled, covered by the ADA?  Provide an example to support your answer.

3. Discuss 2 reasons why an employee might request FMLA for a disability. Review the three parts of the definition of a "disability" under the ADAAA.  What, if any, relationship exists between FMLA and ADA? 

4.  Deaf and Mute Applicant:  Pretend you are the HR Manager of a large retail department store.  An individual who is deaf and mute applies for the position of retail salesperson in the Women's Apparel department. The applicant is equally qualified in terms of experience as the other applicants who have applied for the position. Will you hire the deaf and mute individual?  Respond to the question by discussing essential and non-essential functions of a retail salesperson job.

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