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Diabetes case study: A


Diabetes case study:

A.C. is a 46 y.o. African American woman who is in the physician’s office complaining of fatigue and up during the night due to frequent urination

Ht:  5'6"    UBW:  180#    waist circumference 42 inches

No recent wt loss; gradual weight gain of 20# over the previous year; recently lost 5 #

Blood pressure: 140/95 mm Hg

Labs: Fasting glucose: 140 mg/dl; BUN and Creatinine normal; albumin normal; sodium normal; HDL-cholesterol 30 mg/dl

Lifestyle: sedentary job; walks dog on the weekend.  Eats fast food meals 3-4 times a week.

Physical: Upon examination, there is not indication of muscle or fat loss; edema or ascites.

1.  Using SGA assess A.C.’s nutritional status.

2. What is A.C.’s ideal body weight?

3. Does A.C. have metabolic syndrome?—State parameters.

4.What type of diet/lifestyle changes would you recommend to A.C.?

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