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Homework answers / question archive / NaOH, H20 NHCH2CH3 a

NaOH, H20 NHCH2CH3 a


NaOH, H20 NHCH2CH3 a. Draw the structure of the tetrahedral intermediate INITIALLY-FORMED in the reaction shown. You do not have to consider stereochemistry. Do not include counter-ions, e.g., Na I, in your answer. In cases where there is more than one answer, just draw one. Chem Doodle b. Draw the structures of the organic products of the acyl transfer reaction You do not have to consider stereochemistry. Draw the neutral fom of the products; no charges Draw one structure per sketchen. Add additional sketchers using the drop-down menu in the bottom right comer. Separate multiple products using the sign from the drop-down menu.


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