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Homework answers / question archive / Assignment: Project stakeholder & Communication Management SECTION A (40) Read the abstract below and answer the questions that follow

Assignment: Project stakeholder & Communication Management SECTION A (40) Read the abstract below and answer the questions that follow

Project Management

Assignment: Project stakeholder & Communication Management


Read the abstract below and answer the questions that follow.

Stakeholder communication and engagement in a city based transport project

Abstract: A case study on the importance of a detailed stakeholder engagement plan in the development of a congestion charge zone in a European capital city.

Background: Imposing a new congestion charge system in a major city would be controversial and have a widespread effect across many stakeholders. Therefore, the project managers of the congestion charge plan realised from the outset that gaining the necessary levels of support from the various stakeholder groups would be more challenging than implementing the scheme itself.

The issues: Due to the diverse nature of the stakeholders the criteria for the introduction of the system would have to be tailored to the reasonable needs of each group in order to retain their support for the new system.

The solution: The stakeholder engagement planning started at a very early stage. The first activity in the whole project had been a consultation to ‘hear the city’. The 12?month public information campaign was preceded by three months of ‘research and preparation’ for this specific communication effort. One example of the carefully planned stakeholder engagement process was a decision about which stakeholder groups would receive exemptions and especially the timing of these announcements. This part of the overall project specification was only finalised after extensive consultation, planning and analysis of the predicted reactions of some powerful stakeholder groups.

The benefits: The ultimate success of the project was firmly rooted in the fact that there was a very detailed and thorough stakeholder engagement plan over the full lifecycle of the project, nullifying the potential for such a sensitive issue to lead to widespread opposition.

The learning points: The integrative and thorough nature of the stakeholder engagement helped avoid serious issues which may have arisen if the project had been planned in the usual, primarily technical, perspective.



QUESTION 1 (40 marks)

    1. Discuss the key success factors of this project even if assumptions need to be made to emphasise specific points. (20 marks)


    1. Stakeholders are important because they may have concerns that require attention. Certo and Certo (2015) designed a generic list of stakeholders with some generic concerns. Discuss this theory whilst making reference to the abstract to show application. (20 marks)




QUESTION 2 (20 marks)

Analysing stakeholders is pivotal in ensuring that they are satisfied. Critically discuss stakeholder analysis as theorised by PMI (2017). Choose a project to show application of the theory.


QUESTION 3 (20 marks)

Discuss the stakeholder engagement tools and techniques promulgated by the PMI (2017). Select a project and describe a tool from the list that will be effective for the project.





QUESTION 4 (20 marks)

Discuss the six key points to be considered when preparing a communication plan in Project Management. Cite a project of your choice and show how the plan can be applied to promote effective communication.


Assignment Guidelines

  • The length of your answers to each question should be in line with the mark allocation
  • Your assignment should include a table of contents page
  • Text: Font: Arial or Times New Roman size 12; Line spacing: 1.5
  • All text must be justified at each margin
  • Your answers must include any theories, charts, tables or exhibits necessary to support your analysis and recommendations
  • Ensure that readings are not merely reproduced without original critical comments and views. Cohesive and logical arguments reflecting original thinking are encouraged
  • References: At least 8 sources of references (textbooks, journals, press reports, internet articles, etc.) must be utilised in the body of your assignment. All sources must be appropriately listed under your Bibliography. Harvard system of referencing to be used. Students will be penalised up to 10% for incorrect or no referencing.

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