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Homework answers / question archive / (Note: Be sure and show a diagram of the research design

(Note: Be sure and show a diagram of the research design


(Note: Be sure and show a diagram of the research design. Also show all steps and calculations you made for each test following the process outlined in the z-test formula sheet handout. What statistical decision do you make in each case? Finally report your results professionally in APA format (see last step of the formula sheet for this module.) 10.2 Researchers at a National Weather Center in the northeastern United States recorded the number of 90 degree days each year since records first started in 1875. The numbers form a normal shaped distribution with a mean of u = 9 and a standard deviation of g = 2.1. To see if the data showed any evidence of global warming, they also computed the mean number of 90 degree days for the most recent n = 4 years and obtained M = 11.7 days. Do the data indicate that the past four years have had significantly more 90 degree days than would be expected for a random sample from this populaton? Use a one-tailed test with alpha = .05.

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