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Homework answers / question archive / Calculate the six-month 98% VaR for QAN

Calculate the six-month 98% VaR for QAN


Calculate the six-month 98% VaR for QAN.ASX (01.01.2000 to 01.06.2020)

stock using a bootstrapping procedure in Excel assuming independence in monthly returns. Use 200 bootstrapped samples. Present a histogram of the bootstrap distribution of portfolio values. Comment on your findings.

What is the discount rate at which the following cash flows have a NPV of $0? Answer in %, rounding to 2 decimals.







Year 0 cash flow = -116,000

Year 1 cash flow = 28,000

Year 2 cash flow = 43,000

Year 3 cash flow = 38,000

Year 4 cash flow = 41,000

Year 5 cash flow = 40,000

Year 6 cash flow = 37,000

Analyse two public listed companies from Bursa Malaysia Construction Company.


a) Describe the background and business activities of the companies

b) Calculate the company's financial performance (by using Ratio Analysis) over the last five years. Interpret and summarize results for each ratio. 


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