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Homework answers / question archive / Eco 2023 Paige Homework #11     1

Eco 2023 Paige Homework #11     1


Eco 2023 Paige

Homework #11



1.         Give three examples of artificial barriers to entry.  Why do artificial barriers create problems for consumers?                                                                                          (20 pts)



  1. Describe the problems faced when using a concentration ratio.                     (20 pts)




  1. Find a site on-line that discusses an oligopoly model or models. Provide the link and give a brief description.                                                                                         (20 pts)


  1. The following firms are all the firms in the industry, listed in order of sales.


Firm A             18,000                                                 Firm E             2,500


Firm B             14,000                                                 Firm F             2,000


Firm C               7,000                                                 Firm G             1,600


Firm D               3,700                                                 Firm H             1,200



Find the HHI.  Is this a highly concentrated industry or not?                                   (15 pts)




  1. What are the three ways firms could openly cooperate?                    (15 pts)



  1. For the below game theory matrix, identify which cell is the Nash equilibrium and which cell is the joint profit maximization cell.                                                 (10 pts)



Firm A sets competitive P


Firm A sets monopoly P


Firm B sets competitive P



Firm A makes $100,000

Firm B makes $100,000


Firm A makes $  20,000

Firm B makes $150,000


Firm B sets monopoly P



Firm A makes $150,000

Firm B makes $  20,000


Firm A makes $120,000

Firm B makes $120,000


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