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Homework answers / question archive / Illustrated Excel 2016 Module 6: SAM Project 1b Sherita Thomas 1

Illustrated Excel 2016 Module 6: SAM Project 1b Sherita Thomas 1

MS Excel

Illustrated Excel 2016 Module 6: SAM Project 1b

Sherita Thomas


You are working at a community movie theater that runs independent films and holds events

for the local residents. The theater is using an Excel workbook to analyze its income for the

first three quarters of the year. Your manager, Charles, has asked you to protect the

workbook and provide documentation to make the income data more secure and easier to


Switch to the 1st Quarter worksheet and unprotect the worksheet.

2. The ticket sales manager wants to review the ticket revenue for the first quarter. Charles

asks you to make it easy to display only the ticket income.

Hide rows 10:26, then select cell A1. Create a custom view using Ticket_Income as the name.

View the 1st Quarter worksheet using the custom view All_Income.


Unhide the Theater worksheet.


The theater's owner recently decided to change the theater name to Main Street Theater to

reflect the increased income from local theater productions. The theater name appears in the

footers of each worksheet and needs to be removed. Charles asks you to inspect the

workbook and remove the footer information.

Use the Document Inspector to remove all footer information from the workbook. [Mac Hint:

The Document Inspector is not available on Excel for Mac, so manually remove all footers

from the workbook.] Do not remove anything else in the Document Inspector content list.

(Hint: Do not save changes when the dialog box appears.)


Move the Theater worksheet so that it appears after the 3rd Quarter worksheet.


Charles asks you to change the entries in the first cell of all of the worksheets to reflect the

theater's new name.

Group the 1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, and 3rd Quarter worksheets and then change the text in

cell A1 to Main Street Theater. (Hint: Do not type the period.)

7. With the worksheets still grouped, add the Sheet Name to the center header section. Switch

back to Normal View if necessary.


With the worksheets still grouped, format cell A1 using the Yellow (4th column, 1st row of

the Standard Colors palette) fill color.

9. With the worksheets still grouped, set a 0.5" custom margin on the Top of the worksheets.

Ungroup the worksheets.

10. Charles is considering adding a hyperlink to each worksheet to assist with navigation in the

workbook. He asks you to experiment with this task.

Switch to the 1st Quarter worksheet. Add a hyperlink to the text in cell A24 that links to cell

A1 of the Theater worksheet. The ScreenTip should read Income Details and the text in the

cell should remain "Theater".

11. Format the hyperlink in cell A24 in the 1st Quarter worksheet using 12 pt. font size, and

Lavender, Accent 1, Darker 25% (5th column, 5th row of the Theme Colors palette) font color.

Test the link to move to cell A1 of the Theater worksheet.

12. Charles informs you that the 2nd Quarter income figures are final except for the June

concessions data. He asks you to secure the income figures in the 2nd Quarter worksheet

while allowing the concessions data to be changed in the future.

Switch to the 2nd Quarter worksheet, and then unlock the range D11:D13.

13. Protect the 2nd Quarter worksheet so that users do not need a password and they can select

both locked and unlocked cells.


The August and September data for the 3rd Quarter isn't available yet. Charles plans to use

the workbook in a presentation and asks you to temporarily hide that worksheet.

Switch to the 3rd Quarter worksheet, then hide the 3rd Quarter worksheet.

15. Charles asks for your help in making the workbook easier to identify when searching his

computer. You will use document properties for this purpose.

Add movie theater as a category in the workbook properties.

16. Charles asks you to protect the workbook structure so that sheets cannot be added or


Protect the workbook structure without using a password.

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