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Homework answers / question archive / Raising children today is not easy

Raising children today is not easy


Raising children today is not easy. Their health is impaired by diet, lack of exercise, environmental toxins, and stress. They are subject to bullies in school, negative influences in the media, and they are pressured to grow up too fast. Technology has exposed children to so much more than they used to be exposed to. Given all of these impacts, discuss the factors that lead to raising healthy children.

1.What would you do to raise your children to be well-adjusted physically and emotionally?

2.How would you handle the attraction of technology in your household?

Support your discussion with readings from the textbook or other authoritative sources found via the College Library. Cite your sources (APA style).

Remember the criteria for the discussions:

  • Post Requirements
  • 200- 250 word original post

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