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1. Amber Hollibaugh argues that desire and sexuality should be seen as “a central part of our struggle for justice, freedom, and liberation.” Based on the readings on sexuality and gender (as well as the other articles we have read so far), do you agree? Why or why not?

For number 1 read Kottack - Gender and Sexuality, Martin- The Egg and The Sperm, and Hollibaugh - Price of Love

2. According to the reading “Hunger in the Military,” why are so many of the families of soldiers in the US military struggling against the conditions of poverty even though the soldiers have full-time employment with the US government? What similarities do you see between the situations of the residents of Harlem in Leith Mullings’ article and the impoverished military families?

For question 2 read Schwartz-Nobel_Hunger and the Military and Leith Mullings_Losing Ground

400 words each question

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