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Homework answers / question archive / Case Study 3 Julie has always found school difficult

Case Study 3 Julie has always found school difficult


Case Study 3 Julie has always found school difficult. Though she had presented no behavior problems, teachers consistently complained about her inattention and disorganization. With the help of summer school and tutors she managed to stay on course until she graduated from high school and even to get accepted to college. She was placed on probation after one semester at the university's business school, taking incompletes or "D's" and "F's" in each of her courses because she missed classes. She turned in assignments late, if at all; what she did hand in was sketchy and sloppy. Her advisor recommended that she switch her major from accounting to marketing. With the help of tutoring and coaching in how to stay organized, the patient managed to earn her degree longer than expected. She was married for 6 months immediately after high school, but that marriage ended by mutual consent because, Julie says, "Neither of us had any idea what it meant to be in an adult relationship." The patient met her current husband, a graphic arts major, in a college advertising class. They were married in his senior year. It should have been her senior year too, but it took her an extra 14 years to graduate. After they started dating they dreamed of developing their own business, combining her expertise in marketing with his in design. This was not to be. Not long after they started living together, her husband found that he could not count on his spouse to arrive at a meeting on time, remember to make an important phone call, or even to keep the checkbook in a consistent place. Identify Julie's mental disorder. (5 pts.) Justify your choice: (10 pts.)

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