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1.      What is the purpose of a marketing plan? How is this purpose achieved?



2.      Give 5 examples of information that a promotional activity report should contain.       


3.      Name 4 external issues which can potentially result in new business opportunities for a TH&E business.


4.      What is the primary tool of engagement with the world for most people? How does this affect the marketing environment?


5.      What impact does the Privacy Act have on business' marketing activities?


6.      List 3 aspects why marketing campaigns do need to be reviewed:


7.      List the key aspects of a marketing plan and outline what these involve:


8.      Provide 1 example of an emerging trend relevant to your sector in the TH&E industry:



9.      Name 2 methods of indirect sales distribution.



10.  List 3 aspects of a business' conduct covered by consumer law.         




11.  Explain each of the following types of comparative market information:






Best Practice Information




Competitor Information



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