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I need some assistance with these assignment


I need some assistance with these assignment. life cycle nutrition Thank you in advance for the help! Conclusion In Week Application, it was hypothesized that processed foods contribute to obesity among Americans. Hence, a study was conducted to describe the quality and nutritional value of the foods Americans prefer regularly. Results showed that the amount of processed foods is much higher than fresh ones. It is believed that the availability and convenience gained from this type of food greatly influences the food preference and consumption of Americans.

In Week 2, laboratory experiments were conducted. The first lab was to test the presence of glucose, starch, protein, lipids, and Vitamin C in specific foods. This experiment was helpful in acquiring dietary information necessary to maintain a healthy body. The second lab dealt with enzyme and lactose intolerance. It was conducted to determine the ability of Lactaid to digest lactose. It was proven that Lactaid is effective when combined with milk and acid.

Academic and scientific integrity should also be taken into account in the field of nutritional science. Consumers are entitled to truthful nutritional information. Otherwise, their health may be compromised.

These experiments are beneficial in gaining more knowledge and awareness on our regular food intake. It encourages us to carefully select our food and evaluate our medications. As much as possible, efforts should be made to separate food myths from facts. In relation to the chosen Public Service Announcement (see Part III), our food is our responsibility. Therefore, the value of healthy food consumption among Americans should never be undermined. Ideally, food preference should not be based on availability alone, but more importantly on nutritional value.


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