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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 5 pages paper on the relations between the myths and sacred items

Write a 5 pages paper on the relations between the myths and sacred items


Write a 5 pages paper on the relations between the myths and sacred items. Humans may reveal these secrets only if myths tell humans about them. Thus, myth is a story about what happened and what was done by gods or divine creatures in sacred times. To tell the myth means to inform what happened before humans appeared on the Earth. The told myth becomes the truth and contains absolute truth. Some people consider something to be true because it was told that it was so. Myth declares about the new situation or primary event. Thus, it is always the story about some creation about the appearance of something or event. That is why myths are close to the anthology, they tell us only about the real things, about something that really happened.

Sacred space and sacred time are the fundamental characters of any religion. Myths provide humans with information about the origin of the world. Rite or symbol allows us to contact sacred times and space. When humans fulfill the rite, they enter sacred space. When we turn to ritual or apply some symbols, we leave profane time for a while and appear in sacred time. According to some scientists, sacred space is something that provides the opportunity to contact superhuman power. The sacred time differs much from profane time. The main difference is that profane time has the present and the past. We can’t return to our past, it passes leaving some consequences. Sacred times are like a circle, in the present, we always can have something from the past. “The linear feature of profane time is not totally absent from sacred time. Indeed, many religions teach that time starts with the creation and is moving towards a conclusion, often involving divine judgment. Yet, this linear time is different because through myths and rituals we can connect to sacred power at any point along the timeline” (p. 76).&nbsp.

It is essential to mention that a religious person perceives humanity as it is represented in divine models. He considers himself to be a real human only if he looks like gods, heroes, mythical ancestors. A religious person forms his personality in accordance with divine samples.


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