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Homework answers / question archive / You will prepare and submit a term paper on Response week 9 M

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Response week 9 M


You will prepare and submit a term paper on Response week 9 M. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. Creative responses: Cosmopolitanism Cosmopolitanism is that ideology that the human ethic groups only exist in a single community that shares the same molarity. The story define Richard burton as a linguist, a man interested in knowing different languages, he studies different languages like the Marathi, qurathi Persian, afghan, Arabic ad Hindi. While at oxford burton challenges another student just because the student mocked him with his mustache, what burton may have failed to understand was that the fellow student refused the challenge due to burtons swordsmanship (Appiah, 4)

Burton travelled to many states in Africa, Asia and also different states in Latin America, through this Burtons translated different books into different nature, this shows his linguistic nature. As a linguist, he translated the “perfumed garden” the “Kama sutra” and the “thousand and one nights.”

These translations made the latter famous. Burton views himself same to another linguist Abdu, men with no sense of local or national identity, that is rootless cosmopolitans. Burton’s interest in travelling to other places shows he has an interest in understanding lives elsewhere, his reading and translations of other arts shows his respect to literature and art from other places. Burton also had a lot of knowledge when it came to understanding and explaining other things, all these being the characteristics that made him a cosmopolitan (Appiah, 6)

The contamination of cosmopolitanism came from the homogeneity from globalization, it is however important to understand that even homogeneity can affect globalization equally in the view using Kumasi, homogeneity does not determine what defines a village or a city, even if the city or the village is in the global markets.

In the cities languages tend to be diverse, for example in Kumasi, the diversity extends from, German, English, Chinese, Syrian, Lebanese, Ivorian, Nigerian, Indian and even Burkinabe, that is different scores of people all speaking different languages. This portrays homogeneity, as one moves from cities, the homogeneity level tends to reduce. In these outskirts of cities, people tend to speak, local languages. People should stop feeling threatened by changing of the world, because this is what builds the new society and brings in evolution and diversity itself.

As per cosmopolitan human variety, does matter, people in general are entitled to options and things they think matters to their lives and those that help shape their lives. Stuart mill stated that within a society diversity is as well as on argument involving variety all across the globe. The key for diversification is being free, in order to sustain our communities of difference the members should have fee allegiance, which is by giving the people the freedom to make and shape their own lives.

Those who believe in human dignity across nations or the believers without boarders are the counter cosmopolitans. They attempt to share their ideals with people in different language speaking different languages. These people tend t believe in the notion that the crass consumerism by the western society should not change the rest of the world. This group of people tends to resist anything they think gets in the way of universal justice.

The creative responses are based on the belief of freedom, diversity, enlightenment and the aspect of cosmopolitanism as well. Cosmopolitanism is however governed by these believes. Based on the ethical view cosmopolitan is the openness to the whole world, viewing it perfectly consistent with choosing and picking the best options found (Appiah)

Work cited

Appiah, Anthony. Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers. New York: W.W. Norton, 2006. Print.


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