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Q1: 1


Q1: 1.The old scoreboard is a tired warhorse that was originally constructed in the 1970 is now hard to find replacement part when something breaks

3.The old scoreboard is not energy efficient

4. Coca cola has offered to buy a new sport scoreboard in return for exclusive right to sell soda pop on campus

5.The old scoreboard should be replaced for many reason

6. It show only scores for football games.

7.when we have soccer games or track meets we are without a functioning scoreboard



a.which sentences should be the topic sentences?

b.which sentence(s) should be developed in a separate paragraph?

c.which sentences should become support sentences?


Less emphatic?

A.   One division's profits decreased last quarter.


B.   B. Profits in beauty care products dropped 15 percent last quarter-this one

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