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Please respond to each prompt in at least 100 words


Please respond to each prompt in at least 100 words. These are thought responses and will require no references, just your thoughts on the prompts.

Prompt 1:

I believe that the ADDIE model is a useful tool depending on the business. Personally, I have never worked in a field where the ADDIE method was applied. I attribute this reason to be because I have worked in small dental offices that don't have designated departments to address a thorough training process. Most of my experience has either been through trial and error or the "sink or swim" approach.

The ADDIE method would be an excellent method for a larger company who is willing to invest in employees committed to their vision and cause and train people accordingly. My father works in a formal corporate setting and has been part of the ADDIE process as a manager. During that time he worked with other employees to help guide them into their respected departments, and implemented training exercises to make sure each employee was ready before taking on all job tasks. The disadvantages that he found were that employees who were trained by other seasoned associates, weren't always prepared for the tasks they were expected to do. This was because members of the company advanced employees before they were ready simply because they didn't have the time or patience to fully train them.

Prompt 2:

The ADDIE model is advantageous because it provides a standard to follow when assessing all of the various job roles within a company and setting up a training program for those roles. This standard can also be a disadvantage because of the many variables that can be present in a work setting that may not be considered in the development phase. Another disadvantage to the model is that it would likely be harder to implement in smaller businesses, especially ones that do not have a department dedicated to training.

If I were to implement this model in the work place, my main concern would be to recruit and hire the correct people to actually do the training. Just because someone is good at doing their job, does not mean that they are good at training others to do it. However, I would make sure to include the people who are closest to the positions we are creating training for to have a hand in the development phase of the training program because they do have the knowledge to make the program successful.

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