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Homework answers / question archive / 1)  A processor having a clock cycle time of 0

1)  A processor having a clock cycle time of 0

Computer Science

1)  A processor having a clock cycle time of 0.25 nsec will have a clock rate of ------------MHz.


2)  A program is running on a machine which has a total of 500 instructions, average cycles per instruction for the program is 2.5, and CPU clock rate is 1.78GHz.The execution time of the program will be --------------------- second.


3) Consider a program whose instruction count is 60,000, average CPI is 2.4 and clock rate is 1.9 GHz. Suppose we use a new compiler on the same program for which the new instruction count is 50,000 and new CPI is 4.1, which is running on a faster machine with clock rate 2.5GHz. The speedup achieved will be..................



5) Perform signed magnitude multiplication to calculate m * n. (m is the sum of last four digits of your register number, n is the negative value of the sum of last two digit in register number. For eg. Reg no: 19bce0453, then m = 0+4+5+3=12 and n = - 8).

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