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Homework answers / question archive / Maximum word count 1,500

Maximum word count 1,500


Maximum word count 1,500. Answer only 2 Question 1 Raj is a junior doctor working at Hatford Hospital, part of the West Hertfordshire NHS Trust. Late one night, Raj is working on a quiet ward when Adi, a young man of 24 years of age is transferred from the HDU (High Dependency Unit) following treatment after a serious road accident. Once Adi is on the ward, he appears to be recovering well when, in the early hours of the morning, he suffers a cardiac arrest*. Raj rushes to revive Adi himself but, he suffers serious and irreversible brain damage. Raj is devastated by the events and decides to leave medicine altogether. It transpires that Dr Karim, a more senior doctor needed the space in HDU and, decided to transfer Adi to a general ward prematurely. Advise Adi’s family who seek your advice as they believe Raj and Dr Karim have been negligent. *where the heart stops beating Question 2 For many years, Nadia has suffered from a painful back and recently sought advice from Dr Khan, a consultant neurosurgeon at Hatford Hospital. He recommends surgery but does not advise her of the 1:5,000 risk of paralysis associated with the surgery, even where the surgery is carried out correctly. When Nadia asked Dr Khan about any risks, he replied ‘my patients never have problems’ and, did not discuss her treatment in any significant detail. Post operatively, Nadia suffers from irreversible paralysis in her right leg, which is devastating for her, as she is a single mother of 3 children. Moreover, one of her friends with a similar back problem has recently had physiotherapy and her condition is much improved. Nadia would have considered this option, had Dr Khan advised her of physiotherapy as an option to surgery. She believes that Dr Khan has breached his duty of care. Please advise Nadia.

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